7 steps dating mastery

As you express your life purpose and share your talents with the world, miracles will happen all around you and you’ll feel a part of the great flow of life.

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When you authentically live your heart’s truth, your beacon of light will attract the right people and circumstances into your life. You carry a vision within your spirit that is vitally important and needs to be liberated. Experience unconditional love towards self and others and share your gifts with the world.

To free your creative spirit you must surrender all limiting beliefs so you can find your true purpose and live in the joy of Spirit. Your beautiful gifts are needed in this time of transformational change.

When you’re grounded and not wasting energy, you’ll be so much more productive and you’ll have a huge reserve of vital energy to focus toward your Mission & Purpose. In this second Step you learn to internalize the Good Mother so you can nurture yourself in a way that fully supports your Soul’s Mission & Purpose. Break free of negative family patterns and call in healthy relationships and communal support. Instead of doing it all yourself, connect with your community, your tribe of supporters who understand your passion. Feel self-confident, assertive and able to say no, while using your energy wisely.

You will be more playful and instinctive, trusting your intuition in powerful ways. Your team will support you and vitalize your journey. When you follow your own path, you access your true self and unique gifts.

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