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The US has the Statue of Liberty, France has the Eiffel Tower, Australia has Sydney Harbour, and England has London’s many iconic sites.

There’s a reason why Xi’an, Beijing, and Shanghai feature so prominently on Chinese itineraries: the most recognizable landmarks can be found in these three cities.

China is not a country to be tackled in a week or a fortnight.

It’s a country that begs to be visited and revisited.

While it’s true that the Badaling section of the wall is often crowded to the point that you’re barely able to see the wall you’re standing atop, there remains a wealth of places where you can not only experience the Great Wall’s majesty – but even have the wall almost entirely to yourself!

Beijing may have a bad reputation due to its increasingly bad pollution, but pierce the haze and you’ll still find China’s most enduringly charming and fascinating city.

The presence of the legendary Forbidden City, the tranquil Summer Palace, and the distinctive Temple of Heaven give the city a triumvirate of historic sites the envy of every other city on earth.

From off the beaten path national parks to ancient monuments to beautiful beaches, there’s a little something for every Chinese bucket list here.

Like any country, China has a few items that should be on any first-time itinerary.

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