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Thirteen weeks before the New Hampshire primary, Josh receives a visit from Leo Mc Garry, an old friend of his father's.At Leo's request, a skeptical Josh travels to New Hampshire to hear Bartlet speak.She's also kind of a bully in romantic relationships. Her body was put together by a technician very close to God. Hughley), Why would you put the delightful Danny Concannon on a comedy show and not give him jokes? On her good days, Ainsley was actually a delightful foil for Sam, but on bad days, she tearfully stood up for her co-workers and insisted to her GOP pals that they were, sob, "patriots." Oy. Danny Tripp (Bradley Whitford), Bradley Whitford made maniacal devotion to Jed Bartlet seem charming — cute, even. Jack Rudolph (Steven Webber), Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip Give the man credit: He was as uncharmed by the Studio 60 cast as the rest of America. J.'s comedic gifts; Josh's loyalty; Sam's moral center.Her brain was put together by the assistant night manager at 7-11. (Follow-up: Why would you put anyone on a comedy show and not give them jokes? John Hoynes (Tim Matheson), The West Wing "You know something, Josh, sometimes I wonder if I'd listened to you two years ago, would I be president right now? But Danny's maniacal devotion to Jordan was anything but. Toby is the quintessential Sorkin character, without the self-indulgence, and he brings out the best in everyone around him.

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Many of The Newsroom characters will be familiar to the Sorkin faithful — the kind of people who remember Pixley from Sports Night, or can quote Leo's Big Block of Cheese Day speech in full — because most of them owe serious debt to the fast-talkers who came before, and whom you side with on Newsroom may very well depend on whom you loved on Sports Night or The West Wing (or, um, Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip.) This seemed as good an excuse as any to rank the old characters, and so Vulture did — though we would like to note that the process became more emotionally draining than we could possibly have imagined. Because the rest of us are trying to figure out how on earth Sorkin decided to build a sketch comedy show around a deeply unfunny, proselytizing female lead. Natalie Hurley (Sabrina Lloyd), When Sorkinese goes wrong, it goes terribly wrong — as exemplified by Natalie, who turned the rhythmic, witty banter into a grating mix of perkiness and yelling. Margaret Hooper (Ni Cole Robinson), how to be a feminist! Then a friend walks by, 'Hey, Joe, it's me, can you help me out? Dan Rydell (Josh Charles), He loves Hillary Clinton. He outsmarts network executives by delivering a stirring monologue on the effects of drug abuse. Jed Bartlet (Martin Sheen), He has Bartlet's smarts and fury; Leo's prickly charm; C.He had an elder sister, Joanie, who died when he was a child.She was babysitting him when a fire broke out in her home and died trying to put out the fire while Josh ran outside - an event which continues to haunt Josh. Jeremy Goodwin (Josh Malina), Sports Night Sports Night is in many ways told through Jeremy's eyes: It starts on his first day, he's the only character to have any voice-overs, and as Natalie likes to point out, he's always, always right. Danny Concannon (Timothy Busfield), "We had a deal. Not even a bullet could dampen his enthusiasm for governing. Do you get that your immune system is shredding your brain? Do you have any idea how good a doctor I am and that I can't tell you why? Nancy Mc Nally (Ana Deveare Smith), Consider the difficulties she faces: a tragic sketch comedy program, a jerky boss, a slightly stalkery former addict boyfriend, a mob of vengeful Christians, and an insane Afghanistan-hostage-slash-emergency-pregnancy plot. Jordan was poised and plucky; she deserved a better show. Sam Seaborn (Rob Lowe), Everyone in the Bartlet administration takes his or her position extremely seriously, but no one takes it quite as personally as Josh does.

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