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Translators Cafe allows you to look for positions, offer your services to translation agencies, and ask questions about terminology to get help with a project.There are discussion forums to gather information from other professionals.These interpreters usually earn less than they would in a state where it is more difficult to find an interpreter.To find a court interpreter position: Book publishers often employ translators to rewrite books, manuals and instructions that will be used overseas.Most interpreters have completed interpretation education at a college or university and many have completed the written and oral Federal certification exam offered every other year.According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the median salary for a court interpreter was ,300 in 2010.Common specialties are Spanish, Mandarin, Cantonese, Vietnamese, Tagalog, Korean and American Sign Language.Federal courts in bilingual areas often employ professional interpreters on a day or half-day basis to provide in-court translation.

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To find translation and interpretation career opportunities, consider checking out these specialty job boards: Pro Zi offers opportunities for translators and interpreter to network, meet potential clients, and look for opportunities.State and local courts also employ professional interpreters for in-court translation.These translators may also be asked to provide translation services to the District Attorney's office and to the police department.Certification or education in translation is a plus, but is typically not required.The publisher is usually looking for someone who is fluent in the required language, has an understanding of the information that is being translated, and knows the specific vocabulary used by the employer.

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