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In addition to assisting people in discovering facts, some states have passed laws which shield journalists from being compelled to divulge notes and information about sources, even when ordered to do so by a judge. The United States also enjoys an extremely high per capita income and consumes massive amounts of media in all forms—newspapers and magazines, radio and television, and film documentaries.

In 2000, 62.5 million newspapers circulated in the United States on any given day.

This channel is aiming for a Francophonic audience.TV 8 is a local TV from channel based in Sévrier serving the Mont Blanc region.It is providing programs including Entertainment, Sports, News, Local Information, Nature & Environment, and Leisure and lifestyle.Though the United States has no single official language, most of the population speaks English.There is a large and quickly growing Spanish-speaking minority in the United States, concentrated most visibly in the Southwest, California, and Florida but present in all large cities and in many rural and agricultural areas.

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