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They find a (lock on the river and then approach as near as they can in a sampan. It ha.s be.-n that puttlii K U|i an ordinary 1 'ape-cart lioo. Xo unpublished iin^'cl was found auiung; the uapcra of George l Uereilitli, (if the nnnierous objects of literary and archa.-olo Bh.-a I int. -11 dlseo\-ored in the course of the exi-avatlons in I.; K.\-pt duriii B tln- )iast -a .\-ear.'i, a ennsiih'i'ahle nuinli.'r hav found lln-ir wa.v Into tin- natl.iii- al l om-f formed a portion of a library which was attached eitlier to a or a mnnastery near t^dfu In I'pp.-r t'l Rvpt. tin- histni-\- of which ilal.-s fi--,im tin- 111-.-- 1 )y nasi ic p. tlu-r.- .•xh-t.-.l, between th.- seventh and Ihe li-nlh c.-ntui'les of our era, a flmirish- hp; p.nf I'npts or iiath-e l';f,-,\-|ithin l.'hristians. and many Christians were compelled to adopt the religion of Is- lam or lose their lives, the pious priests of one of the churches of Edfu must have quietly removed their lib- rary Into the hilly country of the desert, and there burled It in a small, stonelimul ca\'.-. I'leased wltii the attention nf Ih.' lis- tener, th.' candidate paiiseil in his speccli ami remark.Im-oui this they lower a small punt about seven feet, long and one foot wide with an enormous gingal, or muzzle loader, mounted on ;i tri]-)od in the bows. li Jed by^ the Cur^pnt,.Eiddles^ down on J^ES-v^r^ci.' By The "feo ADJIb E-*' makes for accuracy. I i-an .inl,\- In- dnm- t.i the j,'r.-at iiicnii- \ enleiu-e nf passiui K'-i's in the h.,, k seats, hilt when an Inierniedlate .«crei-ii has le(-n pre\-kiusl.\- erecteii. 'J'ln- lorn; nl Bl UH were sleepless niul I roubli'd your iiilnd, Yet you can't tell what happened, in lool^ln^,' behind. 1 In yon knnw why you frowned as you .|iiuni.-ye.l \ .nil- \v»\ , ii\'' ('an .\-nii ii'll n.iw- wlnil iinule iill yniir hlue .slih-s Iniik Kray. They .'^eeni 'j Ib at flr.st, but the moment liiey're ))ii,st. and that it I.s a most \-aliiahle rcdic of the aiu-lcnt Xiihiaii Kingdom. Some two or three years ago tliis oa\i' was accideinaily ili.scovered h.\' a nomad Arab shelkli who was inisturin.n: his flocks nn the desert sci'iih. the tnanuscripis were hroiiftlit down the Mh', and w i-r.- passed Uy dc Brees Into the hands of the natlv.- l.:.^.\'pllan deal- ers III anti'-;etli.-i-, it i.s I a iint.'w.'riliy aihliiinii to tin- olh-i'tinii , at til.- l-'.i'itish . ami stinl.-nt-i i of l-:,i,'.\-ptian hlstnr.s- w ill h- I knnw that the Trin-I . -.1: "1 iriisl that I am not I n -spassiii B on ynur kindness, sir'.' I shall h.' done in ten miiiules." ■"I'en minutes," c.-iioeil the oth.'r, "T iloii'l .-an- if \ci' talk all Iligl U.A vcvy |)retty shot, fol- lii\e(l by a right and left et|u;illy good to see as Ihe next f Hght goes over the same gun, and he takes his 'tell of every flight. Hiram Percy i Ma.xim, inventor of the silencer, protested against its passage upon the ground that his appliance cannot be used effectively upon re- volvers, or any gun with a barrel less than twenty inches in length, and will therefore offer no advantage to assassins. Assassins do not by any means confine themselves to revolvers, and the silencer will open to them new oppor- tunities to lie in ambush and pick off their vic- tims with little danger of detection. Maxim, in addressing a sportsman's club upon a recent ocasion, endeavored to prove to his auditors the many advantages which he claims the siloncei offer* to hunters, and to refute the objection that its use in the chase is unsportsmanlike. lln- .-Ih.i'.s rail so as 1.1 .-x.-lii.h di-aimh I II m m. It will h.- fniiii.l that this serfi-u nnnies low .-nni K^li nil till ear tn iimei'iu thi- flxin K of siiliar,\ foldiiif,' HOats.A few minutes more and the fun is over, but while it lasts it is fast and' furious, and the mixed sensations of delight, 'des,pair and iervent hope that are all crammed into wenty minutes, and succeed each other "a's '-ftigt a S/'the ducic come j Kist (and that m^ns^^nt'i^ery useful spaced indeed), are really wb'n'dfe HM intbnsityj'iud 'ifeecp'all qiie's Tour Gnlse, ther€»sfc trout: is an exceedingly handsome bird, and I am sure it w-(,)iild ha\-e a very warm recei)tion if it were iiuroducerj into England, and 1 see no reason why it sliould not thrive tliere as well as the common tetil, given a suitabh.' kjcality, as, f(3r instance, the . C)iie can sometimes gv X a specimen of the pintail here, and the beautiful mandarin dur Jt is an occasional visitor, though they are found in larger numbers further up tho Yangtze, where they are not so much sought after. One ventures to say that no real sportsman who heard him — he who con- forms to the ethics of the hunt — was seriously impressed. Maxim made the claim in this address that the crash of the bullet passing the air, the noise of which is in no wise diminished by the silencer, is what really startles the game, and gives it ample warning of danger. rml .-a'n Inl.l its.-ll' |.'lln-: il |iill.i\.,-.s that nn tin- stamlar.l l.ini-in L- i-ai- t...la\- th. snla .-iir- tauis 1.1 h.- :-.I..i-lalil.\ ami p.-rina- n.-nll\- hull. I ni'.'.-s- sai-v- II, paiiii iiiil that 111.- hianl stinks al till- si(l,.s i.r Ih.- lllllsl h.- V. hut the iililit.v of is In Ihe writer'.'- iipliiion soni.'vs'hat ovi-rrated, .\o one in his s't'lurs with Hvc pcoph- in tin.' hack of a ear. lu-nl H arc wanlcil when the serecn is np for town piirpnsi-s fsni-h a.s dinncr.t and llp-nlrns), n-iiiovahle cliiiir.s or a re- mo\-ahli' llltliur lir-nch I'.'i 11 i(ul|i' well I).- liis.--rti-d f . Ir, tin- easi' of touriip; c-ara the ii\x-iicr oflcii acts as th.- drha'r, sn that pro- \-islon must he made liir slicltcriii H tlie H.'al.The (;reeks and Rei al rule, .ftibjning ii'n^l overiinjg are' the; 'times to tr5f..jo'r ^'spri Qgs.'^^^ , '! , ■trie sea-trout fishing is at its best just at the time of )-ear when triejiol. Ila\'inq' an ide.i lo try fly- fishing in tlic ri\-er.sun on ]fhe lo\; water the rivers makes it imp.erati\-e. as the ti- i|\nii' un- necessary to the makiu L; of a i L^ond ea'.eli, I'he tide was on the ebb, ami was alread\ far out that I judged it ndvisal)le noi to ir\- the tactics of the e\'ening hi'fcre, hut lo ti. It was not long before 1 was into my first fish, hooked on a small Wilson spoon, which proved after a few minutes of excitement to be a nice fat grilse of about three pounds.Tims we are unable to think of God except as a perstjii like ourselves, only immeasurably greater. On June r)th of this year .1 with my ini-ly bike boarded the three ]).m. The sight of thi; wate't" nrtade the fishprman in me much too im- patient to wait for si.To the ancient Jews Jehovah was a Being, which loved and hated, made mistakes and repented of them, was rc\ engeful, and, in short, exhibited all human cli.iracieristics, only on a very extensive scale : and this concc])- tioii of Him will be preached in a thousand Christian pul])ils today. K o'clock supper, so, pocketing some light refreshment, I walked the few steps from the hotel to the bnntbouse run in connection and a few minutes past live o'clock M'as on the water.

i — : — o USS OF PONGEE Ponge is popular for all sorts of costumes, from the simplest princess walking dress to the visiting frock made elaborate by a wealth of cm- broidery. The Declaration dated from j)erhaps the worst period in our history— from the reign of Charles 11.The cheaper grades of the thin pongee are not particularly practical for frocks of any type. When they came to the language ,of the Declaration — and here he was speaking for himself and as a convinced Protestant^ — he did not think any of the epithets used about it by the lion, member for Clare were in the slightest degree in excess of the truth. (Nationalist cheers.) Branding Loyal Subjects This survival of an obsolete state of things was retained only for the purpose of l)randiii,g b}- the iiiouth of the Sovereign some of the nio,m sacred beliefs of some of the most loyal of his subjects. and he- cause experience had shown the eno^moiis dif- ficulty of prtjviding any alternalixe declara- tion wdiich woufd be satisfactory to all the re- ligious interests and susceptibilities involved.Among the rough surface pongees this sea- son tliere are some new things on corded order and these are being much used. (Na- tionalist cheers.) I.,et them take the case of our own gracious So\-creign. A committee of the House of Lords on this subject recommended an alternative form of declaration, but when that was scrutinized sul)se(pientl\- it was fovmd to be, on the one hand.And now the teal come thick and fast, and the ball is properly opened. nil i.in--i-i Hhlh im-h Ihi.-k li-onimon- I \ il.-si-rlln-il as tah-) frainnd in an asli I Irani.- n.i tliiek.-i- than llm hmxl stu-ic I Us. This serei-n will la- usc-ful I x\hi-lln r tin- ho.They come straight at you, but directly they see yon they turn upwards, aiid if you can giet them as they shift in their flight so much the belter for your bag, but you must be very fpiick. id i.s raisnil .u- iinl, and I adils a litlh- to Up.

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