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On June 3, they were brought out, wrapped in reed mats, and placed on the pyre. They died calling on the name of Jesus and proclaiming, "You can burn our bodies, but you cannot harm our souls." When the White Fathers were expelled from the country, the new Christians carried on their work, translating and printing the catechism into their natively language and giving secret instruction on the faith.Mbaga was killed first by order of his father, the chief executioner, who had tried one last time to change his son's mind. Without priests, liturgy, and sacraments their faith, intelligence, courage, and wisdom kept the Catholic Church alive and growing in Uganda.The earliest converts were soon instructing and leading new converts that the White Fathers couldn't reach.Many of these converts lived and taught at King Mwanga's court.He had Denis brought to him and killed him himself by thrusting a spear through his throat.

The cruelly-bound prisoners passed the home of the White Fathers on their way to execution.But you will not see how he does it, because he will take my soul and leave you only my body." Matthias was cut up on the road and left to die -- it took him at least three days.The original caravan reached Namugongo and the survivors were kept imprisoned for seven days.With a smile he said to Lourdel, "Why are you so sad?This nothing to the joys you have taught us to look forward to." Also condemned were Andrew Kagwa, a Kigowa chief, who had converted his wife and several others, and Matthias Murumba (or Kalemba) an assistant judge.

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