Post dating legal sinatures

For the most part, a bank is free, but not required, to pay a post-dated check whenever it's presented as long as the writer hasn't notified the bank it should not be paid.

To that end, it would be absolutely lovely if there were a statute of United States law that rendered the mere writing of a post-dated check an illegal act, thus allowing me to play this trump card in each of these situations.

Stating it like that makes it sound like corporate policy, which your average American consumer seems to view as highly negotiable (and, furthermore, they regard endless bitching as the primary means of discussion).

They tend to react somewhat differently, however, when smacked upside the head with the cold, hard word of Law.

I work at a 24-hour call center for [large corporate bank].

At least once a day, I get a call from somebody who has written a post-dated check, had the payee cash/deposit it before the written date, and is incensed that the bank would honor the item.

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