Sea boat captain dating site dating an aspie

Whether it’s Ashley Madison for its obvious moral issues and data leak, or Farmers Only and its anti-city folk agenda, we seem to be fascinated by the strange ways that folks find their better half.So it’s no wonder that Sea Captain, the site that promise you will “Find Your First Mate,” has captured the hearts of thousands.Unfortunately, I was met with the profiles of trolls who didn’t know what true sea love is. Hopefully Sea Captain Date can get their app up and running and get more of a following in the boating community, but for now, it’s the little dating site that needs a little more attention.If found legitimate profiles and gave them a wink, but to no avail. I sent a few messages to worthy offline skippers, hoping they would respond to my siren’s cry. There’s nothing wrong with Sea Captain’s functionality, but due to the low number of users, it’s difficult to get any kind of a response. And that's a labor of love in itself." However, I still have my doubts.Here are the things that have my hoax-sense buzzing: 1) The site is registered anonymously.As far as niche dating sites go, you can't get much more niche than Sea Captain The site first attracted attention back in Jan 2011, when articles about it appeared on,, and (among others).It describes itself as "the only place for Sea Captains to connect with men and women who share a love of the ocean." Now I'm willing to believe that there are niche dating sites out there, but Sea Captain seems a little too weird to be real. These sites expressed some doubts, but overall leaned toward the site being real.

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Ladies, do you find yourselves home alone on a Friday night, staring wistfully out to sea? You’re going to have to sift through hundreds of poop-deck jokes and mermaid fetishes before you meet your true love. So if the site is real, its member base is pretty static. 4) Finally, check out the Sea Captain Date Song -- and listen to the lyrics: I'm sorry, but no real dating business would be making jokes about its members murdering women on the high seas.The site credits the Sea Captain Date Song to "acclaimed songwriter and musician" Cole Gladis.Coincidentally, Gladis lives in Philadelphia, where Sea Captain Date also says that it has its offices.I'm guessing the entire site is a joke dreamed up by Gladis.

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