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There is an oval belt plate present which is turned off to his side out of view.

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There are six lead projectiles nailed to the top along with a section of a burst artillery shell. He sports a pair of rare Remington-Beals Navy revolvers in .36 caliber. During that time he pose for a number of different views. The Eastman Business College located in Poughkeepsie had rewarded Hendershott with a scholarship for his heroism.

I think South Carolina probably had more variations of uniforms than any other state!

This image is a 10 out of 10 as far as condition is concerned. It does come housed in a mint full thermoplastic case as well. Item #68777 Sixth plate ambrotype by famed Richmond photographer Charles Rees.

In November of that year the unit would be disbanded and the remaining men split up among the 59th and 60th Alabama as well as the 23rd Alabama Battalion Sharpshooters.

This young soldier is dressed in a dark jacket and sporting a large red, white and blue cockade with the words "HILLARD LEGION". This is probably the 3rd image I have seen from this battalion wearing this cockade so I presume they were most likely all done by the same photographer very early in their organization.

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