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Secondary education: In secondary schools, despite the fact that most secondary schools are structured based on a stratified system of prestige, girls consistently outperform boys in within-school and national testing.In particular, girls are more likely to take the examination and across the Caribbean, girls achieve higher CXC results in English, history and social studies Women generally enjoyed the same legal rights as men, including employment, education, and inheritance rights.Women with tertiary level education had a probability of participation of 8%.Trinidad and Tobago‘s female labour is also lower than some of its (commonly compared to) neighbouring countries.Many public spaces display African imagery, primarily from Nigeria and Ghana because these nations are still Trinidad and Tobago's closest political allies and cultural beacons.These social spaces provide an outlet in the face of a country struggling with increasing crime rates targeted toward women.Historically, female labour force participation rates in Trinidad and Tobago are lower than male participation rates.Over the past two decades (1990-2010), this disparity between these rates has been decreasing.

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Baptiste argues that the physical, public spaces represent a "postcolonial essentialist collage" in which performances are gendered by the socialization of gender roles according to very essentialist views of men and women.Depending from which island the women came, they may also be called Trinidadian women or Tobagonian women respectively.Women in Trinidad and Tobago excel in various industries and occupations including micro-enterprise owners, "lawyers, judges, politicians, civil servants, journalists, and calypsonians." Women still dominate the fields of "domestic service, sales, and some light manufacturing." Women of Afro-Trinidadian mix commonly become "heads of households," thus with acquired "autonomy and power." By participating in Trinidad and Tobago's version of the Carnival, Trinidadian and Tobagonian women demonstrate their "assertive sexuality." Some of them have also been active in so-called Afro-Christian sects and in running the "sou-sou informal rotating credit associations." asserts that historical views of race and colonialism impact Trinidadian culture in such a way that are often excluded from Western feminist studies.While women account for the largest entry into both the workforce and education, a 2015 study .At the aggregate level, there is a significant difference between male and female wages.

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