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Consigned to history by Barack Obama, who ordered them to be closed in January 2009, ‘black sites’ were secret prisons set up by the CIA outside of American jurisdiction to interrogate suspects in the “war on terror”.

At the time of ZD30's release, no country had ever confirmed it hosted a ‘black site’, but it’s thought there were around 50, in 28 countries, including Poland, Romania and Diego Garcia, the British overseas territory in the Indian Ocean, as well as 25 more in Afghanistan and 20 in Iraq.

Six daters get to know each other without seeing each other, giving them a chance to like the person for their personality first and not their appearance.

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Cameras are set up to show both the meeting balcony and the front door.

Indie Wire wrote: “Handsomely made and appropriately tense, Dark isn’t so much a puzzle show as a storytelling algorithm, ready to be recommended for viewers like you.”The series’ biggest selling point, the reviewer added, “is as a story about a community haunted by something it refuses to talk about”.“Two episodes in, it’s the biggest reason that this show might just be worth recommending.”Creator Jantje Friese has said that she doesn’t mind the comparisons.“It’s really exciting because if all those people who watched Stranger Things will at least think about watching Dark, I think that’s a great opportunity for us,” she told Deadline.

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CIA black sites ZD30 opens at a CIA ‘black site’ in an ‘undisclosed’ location, where Dan (Jason Clarke) is subjecting detainee Ammar (Reda Kateb) to the agency’s so-called ‘enhanced’ interrogation techniques.

Later in the film, we witness a cross-examination at a ‘black site’ in Gdansk and then another at the Bagram Air Force base, in Afghanistan.

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