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They reach the khassen, but just before her father moves away from them, Naomi smiles and places something in his hand.Rabbi Goldman, rabbi of a synagogue in Birchington, is one of the few rabbis who have not yet found a wife.

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I know what you want.""Well," says the shadchen, "I think this woman will be perfect for Jacob.

He needs to sing and dance well and he must always be willing to accompany me wherever I decide to go during my leisure hours.

And I want him to tell me interesting stories when I need some conversation and be quiet when I need to rest."Today was the day Naomi has been waiting for her wedding day.

I know all the Jewish customs and I can tell wonderful Jewish jokes. He was now approaching 80 years old and went to see his doctor.

When he was shown in to see the doctor, he said, Doctor, I have to let you know that I am soon to get married for a fifth time to an 18 year old girl. But when, five months later, Naomi gives birth to a lovely bouncing boy, Shmuel immediately contacts the shadchen.

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