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Cahow told CBS News she has always been open with her sexuality with friends and family but was reluctant to make it an issue while she played.

After retiring from hockey earlier this year, she said she became more comfortable talking about it in the public eye because of "undesirable policy" around the world.

When I’ve written about the language of public comings-out in the past, some readers have accused me of not respecting the personal nature of the act.

Jason Collins, Tom Daley, and Maria Bello are individuals, these critics argue, and they should be praised for telling the truth about their sexual orientation, regardless of the words they use.

Boitano said his decision to say "being gay is just one part of who I am" in a statement on Dec.

19 "literally came to fruition" moments before the White House announced the makeup of the delegation.

Boitano will be one of three openly gay athletes who will be traveling to Russia as part of the delegation, which President Obama is sending in his place as neither he nor Michelle or Vice President Joe Biden will be attending.

'I am equally proud to stand with the members of the LGBT community in support of all athletes who will be competing in Sochi and I hope these Olympic Games will indeed be a watershed moment for the universal acceptance of all people,' said King.

So what made hm come out as a gay and be open to the public with regards to his sexuality? Coming out and accepting your sexuality is a brave thing to do and Brian Boitano falls in the list of those brave people too as he has opened up about his sexuality and told the world that he is a gay. The delegation list included names of several people like openly gay athletes; Billie Jean King and Caitlin Cahow.So when I critique someone’s coming-out language, I am not so much criticizing the person as I am the words that they felt were available to them.Hopefully that preamble will help contextualize my problem with the coming-out announcements of two perfectly nice-seeming people currently in the news.BOSTON -- Brian Boitano never intended to publicly reveal he is gay until he was chosen for the U. But moments before his presence on the delegation was revealed, Boitano realized what a powerful statement the president was making. Obama chose openly gay athletes Billie Jean King and Caitlin Cahow for the delegation, as well. Calling himself "a private guy," Boitano told The Associated Press on Thursday that he never planned to come out.

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